Our designs are so unique, 100% customizable backgammon.

Why Should You Choose Us

Crafting  Authentic Lebanese backgammon since 1920. We provide custom handmade premium backgammon, combining tradition with modern design.
A backgammon that is all about you to the smallest detail!


Crafting Backgammon for 100+ years.

We Create Custom Designs

What is so special about us? You can place your name on the backgammon and on the checkers (stones) not only that, our special designs will add some touch of magic.  

Traditional Backgammon

Our best selling, and most wanted, reinvented traditional backgammon, with a traditional soul. Fully customizable,

Blue Pearl Black Backgammon

Belonging to the Black family of backgammons, this table is uniquely made out of and

Brown Wood Backgammon

Introducing our newest fully customizable backgammon made from high-quality Walnut, Black Veneer, Olive, and Mahogany.

Lebanese Backgammon

High-quality backgammon made from Walnut, Black Veneer, Olive, and Mahogany. Inspired by our beloved country,

Walnut Backgammon

Made out of best quality of wood, Walnut & Lebanese Olive wood, & inlayed with


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